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Welcome, classmates, to your spot on the Internet.  From this page you should be able to access most of the information you will need to keep in touch with classmates and find out about current events for class activities.

CURRENT EVENTS will take you to pages and links that will tell you about future events that your class has planned.

THE MISSING LIST will take you to those classmates your committee has not been able to find.  If you know any of the missing, please let your committee know.

THE E-MAIL LIST is password protected.  If we have your e-mail address, you will receive the password via e-mail and you will be added to this page.  If you wish, for any reason, to not have your e-mail address displayed, let us know and it will be removed from this page on a quarterly basis.  However, if you choose not to have your address displayed then you will no longer have access to this page.

‘Under Construction’ is a Web site area.  The rules are simple – if you have a personal web site it will be listed for free as long as it has no references or links to profit centers.  If your web site is profit related, it will be listed within your format upon payment to our webmaster of $250.00 per year.

Key Contacts:

Web site stuff: WARD

Data base stuff: CYNDI

Treasurer:  Jan

Memory Book ‘Co-eds’2: KAREN and SHERRY

Approved Links:

Heart of America

Shawnee Mission School District