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About Ward Patrick

Ward Patrick is an accomplished consultant and technical management professional, who also has held a variety of sales, computer engineering and project management positions. He is very proficient in sales development and in developing unique solutions to client requirements. He is a nationally recognized expert in the GEAC HR:M system. The first part of his career was devoted to systems engineering, consulting, and business development assignments with major entities such as Boeing Aerospace, and Pizza Hut. During this time Ward had the opportunity to develop and define the EDP audit function and to define the functions of a ‘financial systems’ organization for these major corporations.

In 1983, he started his own business at the request of McCormick & Dodge (now GEAC) and became an independent consultant to their clients’ in the revolutionary Millennium product line. He was previously the national chairperson for the HR:M (Human Resources) users group.

Since then, he has successfully performed professional consulting and management services for a variety of clients including other consulting companies such as Amsys, Inc. and Grace Consulting, Inc. Ward has developed and implemented business plans for these companies and has contracted for professional and management tasks including taking responsibility for their associate staff of up to 18 professionals.

During this time, Ward has performed project management and technical services for such companies as Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts Mutual Insurance, Travelers Insurance, Mutual Benefit Life, Carson Pierie Scott, Health One, St. Luke’s Hospital (Jacksonville, FL), Electronics & Space Corporation, TGIFriday’s, Adelphia, Service Master, and Allegheny Hospitals to name but a few.

While contracted to Grace Consulting, Ward developed the business plan and administrative requirements for that company’s third party maintenance and consulting business segments and managed those activities for Grace for over 8 years. He took this plan from a concept to a full-fledged profitable business. He retains a substantial interest in this business. In addition, Ward was instrumental in developing and implementing and managing that company’s approach for implementing Y2K solutions.

He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wichita State University, and obtained his CPA certificate from the state of Washington. His experience includes mainframe systems and many varied PC and network based applications. He is also recognized by various national/international organizations including WHO’S WHO.

Born and raised in Kansas, Ward and his wife Ruth have one child and reside in Olathe, Kansas.

Ward Patrick, 15912 W 152nd Ter, Olahte, KS 66062

(913) 780-3499 - e-mail: [email protected]

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